Be Heard

Support those with disabilities.



Be Visible

Disabled people should have the same opportunities.





Disabled Futures vision is to provide support for carers or those requiring support when it comes to employment and employability.

Our aim is very clear; match clients with carers whilst providing employment opportunities for both.



Why Disabled Futures?

A time bomb is ticking and politicians appear to be ignoring it or at best believing or hoping current provisions well somehow stretch.

Our directors are parents of a disabled child and understand first hand the real issue of both finding a carer and also what the future holds in terms of employment and supported living.

Based on this a decision was made to address some of the issues directly for their child but also for others.

The aim is therefore to provide 2 key services.

Match clients who need a carer with those available in their area for both elderly and disabled people.

Assist disabled people in to employment with appropriate supported work.

In addition we believe that benefits for all exist with our operating model and can become self-funding provision of employment.




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Find a Carer

This allows you or your family to search a database of registered carers narrowing the criteria to those in a a specific area, skill set or availability. For carers who register with us they provide all their skills and qualifictions which we make available on their profile.  It is equally important that you do your own checks and verification of the carer.



If you do not want to select a carer, or believe there is none available you can advetise your job to allow people to apply. Posting the job on the website will occur after our vetting process.  You can also request the vacancy to be advertised on social media.  We will agree a set fee for this advertising, working with your budget and targeted demographics.



Our Assisted Employment is a service where we work with respected employers who have vacancies available on the understanding that the employment will require the disabled or elderly individual to undertake employment with carer support. Assisted employment will provide a positive outcome for both the employee and employer. 


Our Services

Although we offer 3 main services, Find a Carer, Carer Employment, Individual Employment all of which are available to both elderly or disabled individuals who seek asssitance in either daily routines and activities, or for those seeking employment opportunities, we also provide the following:

  • Advice and Guidance
  • Benefit Signposting
  • Interview Guidance
  • Application Support
  • Referrals




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